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  • Chen Goldberg, Tao Chen, Fang-Lue Zhang, Ariel Shamir, Shi-Min Hu: Data-Driven Object Manipulation in Images. Eurographics, 2012. Paper
  • L. Wolf, Chen Goldberg, N. Manor, R. Sharan, E. Ruppin: Gene expression in the rodent brain is associated with its regional connectivity. PLoS Computational Biology, 2011
  • Aharon Bar-Hillel, Dan Levi, Eyal Krupka, Chen Goldberg: Part Based Feature Synthesis for Human Detection ECCV, 2010. Paper
  • L. Wolf, Chen Goldberg and Hezy Yeshurun: Proximity Visualization via Common Fate Luminance Changes GraphiCon , 2009. Paper, PPT, Demo


  • LSD (Live Storage Device) - An avant-garde project in embedded computing which allows a device to be controlled from any host by posing as a USB stoage device.
  • Paratroopers - An OpenGL project of the classic game Paratroopers/Sabotage.
  • MonOz - A graphical Monopoly application with a client/server communication.

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  • Hebrew pronounciation of "Chen": wav

 What am I?

I'm a programmer, both in occupation and at heart. I aspire to spend my days creating worlds of rich graphics, driven by brilliant algorithms that fill spectators with awe and amazement. But in the meantime, I work in the hi-tech industry, creating practical and commercially amazing stuff.